« And then, there are those we meet, who we hardly know, who tell you a word, a sentence, give you a minute, a half hour and change the course of your life. »

Victor Hugo
Coaching is about a dialogue between a coach and their client. Through questioning, the coach brings their client to find their own solution, the one that will perfectly suit their skills, convictions, and situation.
My career as an international business woman brought me to work for and with companies with different cultures. My professionalism/expertise, recognized by my peers, allowed me to integrate boards of directors in France and Sweden, where I
lived for 12/twelve years.
Throughout my professional and personal background, I developed some values that are very dear to me in my practice today: kindness, non-judgment, and the respect of others, I work on those every day.
I will help you finding your own values, because they are the engine of our life, we spend our time trying to fulfill them.

I like to « confront » my clients to their deepest convictions, it is part of the coaching game, to expose yourself a little.
In my practice, you will be able to express your emotions freely, thoughts and feelings so that together, we can go to meet you: the person you really are.

you will see, TOGETHER

We will move mountains, and climb summits!